What Are the Retirement Statistics?

Retirement is a topic that regularly makes headlines, and not all of them are encouraging. It seems that at least once a week a new study or survey is released that emphasizes how woefully unprepared for retirement many Americans are. At the same time other research suggests that the retirement outlook may not be as … Continued

Using a Target-Date Fund for Retirement

Many workplace retirement programs have target-date funds, and many financial professionals advise workers to put money in them. Do target-date funds belong in your retirement plan? What Is A Target-Date Fund? The idea of target-date funds is great—and that’s probably why they make up nearly $800 billion of retirement assets. Most Americans know very little … Continued

Average Retirement Savings by Age for 2017

The gradual disappearance of pensions from the American workplace means employees are largely on their own when it comes to funding retirement savings. For many investors that’s a daunting task. Among the biggest questions is, how much does one need to save for one’s later years? By most measures the typical worker in the U.S. is … Continued

Married Filing Separately? Contributing to an IRA

If you’re married, you have the option of filing a joint tax return with your spouse or filing separate returns. This is called married filing separately. Filing separate returns might make sense if you earn similar incomes and you’re worried about being pushed into a higher tax bracket, or if one of you normally claims … Continued

No More myRA Account? How to Get Your Money into a Roth

Launched in 2015, the myRA program was designed to help workers who didn’t have access to a 401(k) save for their retirement. After pouring $70 million into maintaining the program, the U.S. Treasury Department recently decided to pull the plug on the myRA account. Roughly 30,000 workers tucked away $34 million in savings in myRA … Continued

Why You Can’t Invest Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is arguably the most famous investor in the world, maybe even the most famous ever. He is often referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha,” a nickname that certifies his legendary status as an investment pro, salted with a bit of mysticism. His opinions are eagerly sought by the financial media (and even … Continued

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

You’re probably aware that investing has no “fire-and-forget” feature. Whatever your portfolio assets mix was a year or two or more ago, it’s probably out-of-date: The financial universe is a dynamic place where constant rebalancing is the order of the day. While it is important to get started saving for retirement, you also want to … Continued

How Retirees Can Save on Travel

American companies are notoriously stingy about offering their employees vacation time. While most corporations in Western Europe offer workers four, six or even eight weeks off each year, many Americans are lucky to make do with two weeks a year for most of their career. As a result, we spend much of our working lives … Continued

Why Roth IRAs Make Sense for Millennials

The sooner that you start saving for retirement and the more time you have to save for retirement the greater the likelihood that you will have a larger nest egg. Young professionals—aka Millennials in their 20s and 30s—who decide to start saving for retirement can do so in a variety of ways and accounts. This … Continued

Year-End Tax Tips You Should Know

As you are wrapping up your financial year, you want to make sure to maximize any tax savings you can and start looking ahead to the next year. That means harvesting your tax losses in your portfolio, paying your mortgage for January of next year in December to get the interest deduction and donating to … Continued